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There are lots of great single parents out there too. I always dated guys in their late 20's early 30's and had no issue finding men without children and most of my friends were childless. Now that I have my daughter I find it harder to find men to date that dont mind that Im a single mum. Some how I think if the man of my dreams wandered by holding his child by the hand I wouldnt say "Forget that he has a kid"Thanx Leanne, you're always such a sweetheart. Most of the women I have met through here and have expressed an interest in do have kids.

Apparently there is a loverly stereotype of young single mums that I have inherited. Karmic - I agree that if I met the absolute woman walwked into my life I am sure my opinion would drastically change. My ex girlfriend had 3 kids and I got along with them great! I do have worries about having kids someday who are born with the same disability I have or have other health issues.

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Kids are great, I have little cousins who I love to bits because they are adorable, but honestly people need to learn to wait. I didn't realize there was an age cap for being on the still "dating" scene.

I refuse to date women who have kids, it's excess baggage and at my age I just want to have as much fun with someone as possible without having to worry about a screaming little kid. Guitar Player45: Not some dead beat dad's kids ???????? I agree I do not want to be at my childs graduation in a wheelchair.

I think it's dumb when people who are too old to still be "dating" complain about people who have children. You're 30 and most 30 year old women have children? Who wants to be going to their child's graduation in a wheelchair? Not to sound selfish and I am sorry if I do, but I want to go to MY childs graduation.

I've also explianed in my profile why I am not interested in dating a woman who has children already, it may sound selfish but it is the truth." I am not interested in a relationship with somebody who has children.

If the OP wants his first NOT to be with someone who has already "been there and done that" what is so wrong with that?

Would he be more mature if he knocked up someone in his twenties?It's not that I don't like them, children are wonderful and some day I may have some of my own.I have had relationships with women who already have children from previous relationships.So in some ways I wouldn't mind to be in a relationship with a woman who has kids but doesn't want anymore.I know there is ways to lower the chances of having children born with birth defects if me and my partner wanted to have kids.It is everyone's right and opinion to be with who they want to be....children or no children.... BUT what IS getting people's back's up is the comments like... I, for one, could understand such a position as I was one who engaged with a mother when I was 22 years old.

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