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The relationship has progressed to the point that Rose believes it's time for Chris to meet her parents. While Rose's parents Dean (Bradley Whitford), a neurosurgeon, and Missy (Catherine Keener), a therapist and hypnotist, treat him with respect, he becomes gradually more uncomfortable.

He's nervous at the prospect, fearing they will reject him for his race, but she reassures them they're good, open-minded people with no racial animosity. It doesn't help when Rose's uneven, oddly behaved brother (Caleb Landry Jones), arrives and exacerbates Chris' discomfort.

The film's balance between keen social commentary and straight action and horror elements give it a very unique flavor.

Peele's ability to find that middle ground between cinematic excitement and artful manipulation of the medium to comment on social issues is superb.

This is the character-driven Thriller near its best, blending deeply rooted social issues with scares that results in a unique creation from a first-time filmmaker.

Get Out's digitally sourced image presents on 1080p Blu-ray nicely.

The film plays with an unnerving edge and exponentially progresses towards its shocking climax, lulling the viewer and the character into a false sense of security and only gradually cranking up the oddity until the film explodes in its third act, as truths are revealed, as the story turns upside down.

Simultaneously smart and thrilling, it makes for a great watch and portends great things for its writer/director.

The following movie titles are AUDIO DESCRIBED IN ENGLISH in the USA.

The first commercial DVD with audio description was released in 1997, and our listing continues through the current week.

"Unrated" or "Director's Cut" versions tend not to include description tracks unless noted in individual listings.

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