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Some in this group don’t have much experience with even one ongoing sexual relationship with a flesh-and-blood girlfriend. Whether or not they had been relationship-oriented in the past, now porn is central to their sexuality. And she’d be talking to me all night about how great it feels.Their brains have been continually bathed in images of male/female “sex” that are frequently violent and almost always obscenely truncated down to penetration. These men have been equating sex to these images for most of their sexual lives.So Sallie feels sexually powerful, and her experimentation has not led to any rape-like experiences, but she also feels unfulfilled.• Growing up on porn can mess young men up There are men on the dating scene who do feel confident in their own sexuality and performance and also understand the concept of consent.

If you are a woman and you unwittingly date one of these men, unless you are very assertive and very much in your body and your mind (not inebriated or stoned), you are at high risk for a very bad experience.• Remember that the "freeze" response is hardwired In fact, an experience may be so bad that it triggers a hardwired mammalian response. Don’t be critical of someone who froze in the face of dire danger, even if you don’t approve of choices they made.

You probably have heard of fight or flight, but mammals go into an automatic freeze state when they perceive the enemy to be so dangerous that neither fighting nor fleeing will be successful. Here is one of mine: I was lucky that I had supportive and sex-positive parents. Of course we like to think that everyone would have the agency and the presence of mind to be able to advocate for their own best interest in a sexual situation, but that is just not true.

The story and its aftermath highlight the need for more open discussion and self-reflection on the nuts and bolts of today’s sexual scene. And we need to acknowledge that while dating has always been treacherous, dating in an age when young people grow up on a diet of porn has particular pitfalls.

So call me a dinosaur if you will, but these are the points that a senior sex therapist feels compelled to make upon reading about this episode and the fights that have followed:• None of us really understands the rules of dating right now Here is my own experience of a painful encounter long ago: In the early 1970s, I went to a party and, in today’s parlance, I hooked up with a guy I already knew, who I thought was bright and charming.

I really wanted him to be interested in me — not just sexually, but in a long term way. Long, delicious kissing that went on for ages — good, deep, satisfying kisses. While in the midst of this event, I had a wish for the present and a wish for the future. I did not understand how a man could kiss me with such tenderness and for so long without having feelings for me.

We eventually stopped, said goodbye, and each went home. For the present, my lizard brain just wanted to have the physical pleasure go on and on. This sounds so old fashioned that it might as well be Chaucerian.There are no images of kissing and caressing in the porn they are watching. We’d go for a drink, and she’d come back, it would just be sex. The communication between their brain and hand is perfect, and ever so much more gratifying than tending to someone else’s pesky sexual needs along with their own.Here is one such man’s fantasy of having a date with a woman: So we’d have this date. They have no playbook for anything emotionally generous or tenderly tactile.One day, I was on a bus, and a grown man sat down next to me, and began to molest me. All you can do is take control of thinking about dating now, before you are in any more bad situations. If it doesn’t, write down your own happy-sex recipe. Before you can make something happen, you have to imagine the steps to reach your goal. Be honest with yourself about what you want to have happen. I know that the dating rules for what is sex-positive have been rewritten these days, but as my amazing mom would have said (and now is saying from the grave), “Just because everyone around you is jumping off a cliff, you don’t have to do it.”Have fun. At the very least, think about your own definition of good sex. Be honest with yourself about the number of times you have dissociated or frozen during your dating experiences. These are guys who have been watching movies featuring porn actors whose looks and size they cannot compete with.

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