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If you’re finding yourself in a bit of dull moment in the relationship, or you find he might be pulling away, here are some ways in which you can ignite the spark (and not just in the bedroom) to keep him interested.

While men love a challenge, they don’t want to have you reduce their masculinity and so don’t boast about being the breadwinner or having a better job than him.

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Acknowledge even the smallest things he does that you like.

Show him how he adds to your life, rather than focusing on the things that bother you.

He will already be proud of you and so there is no need to carry on reminding him whose is bigger.

Men don’t fall in love because you are the owner of your own business or because you earn so much money, they fall in love with women who are honest, have a sense of humour and are feminine. By all means you can still talk about your achievements but not over and over again.

Men – just like women – need to feel like it’s okay to have their feelings, and that they will be heard and respected.

And when they realize their partner isn’t really listening or interested in who they truly are or how they truly feel, they will start to shut off bit by bit.This kind of listening makes a man feel most comfortable to open up and respond with a deeper level of thought, care and honesty.There’s something absolutely critical you need to get about men if you want to enjoy a lasting relationship that feels easy and like a fit for you and for the man you’re with.There are many ways in which to keep your man interested which you can choose by what your personality is and who you are.The one thing I would definitely stress is that you never pretend to be something you’re not to keep your man interested as this won’t work out well in the long run and could make you unhappy.Even after marriage, I am still working to keep him interested by trying new things together such as ice skating and remaining my fun self even after all these years.

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