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To do that, she sailed stealthily by night into the docks and was smuggled into the palace past the guards. The marble busts alleged to be of her suggest pleasant but not spectacular looks.

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Plutarch says she was folded inside a mattress carried by a strap over a friend's back. Whatever she emerged from in Caesar's presence, it had the desired effect. Plutarch says her beauty was 'not astonishing' but was made powerful by 'her fascinating presence and charm of conversation'. TV reconstructions of her as a dusky, oriental beauty are 'all conjecture'.

Cassius Dio says she was 'of surpassing beauty with an alluring voice and the ability to make herself agreeable to everyone'. We have to remember that she was of Greek lineage, not Egyptian. He concludes: 'She was not another Helen of Troy' (or Liz Taylor for that matter).

Technically she was co-ruler with her younger brother, Ptolemy.

Rebel forces tried to oust her from the throne in his name.

If you do not want to know about these events, it is recommended to read on with caution, or not at all. Soon we will reveal the secrets of Assassin's Creed: Origins.

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What's more, they were both extremely popular, even adored, by their respective peoples, while young Octavian had given evidence of being emotionally icy, ruthless, cruel and, worst, cowardly in avoiding fighting personally in battle. His was the story which Shakespeare followed - so closely that in places whole passages of Plutarch are lifted almost intact.

Plutarch condemned Antony's 'un-reined lust of concupiscence' but he rather liked him for all his faults; 'to boast, to jest, to drink with everybody, to eat and drink with the soldiers - what wonderful love it won him amongst them'.

Sorry, here's one more question we just can't answer. After their long cruise together up the Nile, Caesar had left her pregnant with Caesarion, whom he later acknowledged to be his son. People painted blue all over danced naked except for a fish tail. By then it seemed as though Antony was too debauched to care.

She woldn't have had much trouble seducing 50-year-old Caesar, who was an energetic sleeper with other men's wives. He invited them all to Rome, where she was a sensation. And that, as we do know, was to be the finish of Antony's career. He settled for the life of luxury, banquets, music, dancing, gambling, hunting, fishing and sex. Cleopatra once won a bet that she could give the costliest banquet by dissolving the pearl from her earring in a goblet of wine and drinking it. His legions defected to Octavian when he sailed away from the battle of Actium in pursuit of Cleopatra's ship.

Cleopatra was a member the Ptolemaic dynasty, a Greek family of Macedonian origin that ruled Egypt after Alexander the Great's death during the Hellenistic period.

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