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Connect to Wi-Fi, tap on "Restore from i Cloud Backup" in Apps & Data, and enter your Apple ID and password to continue.

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You can also choose to cancel the backup at anytime if the process is taking too long and you need to use your i Phone.

Restoring an i Cloud backup isn't as straightforward as backing it up—there is no "Restore" button anywhere in the settings.

Any music, apps, or other media that isn't purchased from the i Tunes, i OS App Store, and i Books Store will not be backed up to i Cloud, so if you have those sorts of files, an i Tunes backup is suggested.

Before we get into backing everything up, you'll need to make sure you're connected to a Wi-Fi network, otherwise you won't be able to back up your i Phone.

Do this by going to Settings - General and find "Reset." You'll then see several different reset options, but you only need to select "Erase All Content and Settings." Enter your lock screen passcode (twice if needed), hit "Erase i Phone," and enter your i Cloud password to finish the process.

Your i Phone will then go through the process of wiping all of your media, data, and settings, then boot back up like a brand new device.But if those three criteria aren't met and your i Phone ends up getting lost, stolen, or broken, then you're left with an outdated i Cloud backup that might not contain all of your latest media, data, and settings.That's why you should manually update your i Phone—but not by connecting it to your computer and using i Tunes, because no one has time for that. It's simple, it's quick, and best of all, you can even restore your latest backup in an emergency, all from the palm of your hand.Enabled from the moment you first booted up your device, there's a feature deep in the i Phone's settings that automatically backs up your device in the background.As long as you're connected to Wi-Fi and a power source and your screen is locked, your photos, text messages, apps, and everything in-between gets safely stored to your i Cloud account.This does, unfortunately, mean you won’t be able to use it to downgrade i OS 11.2 or above to i OS 11.1.2 (at the moment).

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