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They like reporting the accounts these scammers use and seeing success in getting them shut down.

I know this because I built a standardized reporting tool that creates an abuse report outlining which account is being used by a criminal, what the specific scam is, details to support why this scam is a bad thing, and requests that it be shut down.

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Since the beginning of online scams, Yahoo Mail has been the preferred free email product used by Nigerian scammers, also known as "419 scammers" or "advance-fee fraud scammers".

This is now an accepted fact among members of the anti-spam and anti-fraud community.

This blog started as merely a means of describing who was behind certain spam campaigns and which illicit products they were selling illegally.

Now it's more of an overall examination of how spam is merely one part of international organized crime.AOL had real problems with spammers in the mid-90s and was among the very first to employ processes like spam filtering to their email product.My problem isn't one regarding comparisons about how infested with criminal activity one service is versus another.This is not helpful for the beleaguered users of email, and it is detrimental to any efforts that attempt to make life difficult for Nigerian scammers specifically. Very recently, police in the Benin Republic have executed several widely-publicized raids against large gangs of these scammers, who now regularly refer to themselves as "Yahoo-Yahoo Boys". That term is now synonymous with someone who has become wealthy from the proceeds of widespread, systematic fraud.As a final resort before writing this entry, I was put in contact with a senior Yahoo Abuse representative by my colleague Mr. This contact informed me that there was one form he recommended I use to report offending scammer accounts. Your company's name is now being used to refer to a criminal operation. In a 2006 article, CNN referred to Nigerian scammers as Yahoo Millionaires.Like others have said, just charge a buck and let people get rid of ads.

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