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The Short Version: The dating industry is a competitive place, especially for new voices, and some businesses struggle to attract a loyal following on the web.

But not everyone has the tech savvy to make a compelling ask to individuals.

Add This gives brands a shortcut to web optimization with easy-to-install plugins for newcomers as well as established names on the web.

“You can increase your online presence by referral,” Charlie said.

“It’s a great way to get free traffic from social networks.” On Add This, website designers can customize the look of the article and promote social sharing via expanding icons or integrated share buttons on the sidebar or inline.

These content-oriented web tools help websites draw in and retain an audience using social media channels.

If you want to engage people on your blog or dating site, you can add their buttons to encourage readers to share your articles, follow your social channels, and explore your site with just a click.

Charlie Reverte, Senior Director of Product Management at Add This, said the company’s mission is to personalize the web with simple tools.

Their forward-thinking team assists with everything from link promotion to social media shares, expanding online audiences with plugins designed for ease of use.

That gives us a sense of what people are into and any trends on the web.” Add This helps businesses understand their users by tracking behavior and offering widgets to widen their niche audiences.

Whatever your specialization, you can put your best foot forward on your website with these mobile-friendly buttons, perfect for viewing on any website using any type of device.

As technology improves, online marketing strategies veer toward highly refined targeting methods.

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