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(VIDEO) “Ru Paul’s Drag Race is returning with its highly anticipated sixth season, and this time around, it’s set to be a star-studded affair.” Check out the video!

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I bought a red guitar for my wife for her birthday and she never played it [laughs], so we ended up sticking it on the wall in our house-it was a horrible guitar, just like a $50 guitar-but it was a good house decoration.

And one day I picked it up and tuned it and started playing it, and this song just became kind of a metaphor for how I feel about my wife.

Huff Post – ‘Glee’ Is Moving Entirely To New York City, Leaving Mc Kinley High School Behind “”For this season, there will be a graduation, several of the cast members will move on and a few others will go to New York,” Reilly said.

He explained that characters who didn’t go to New York would be available for special episodes, adding, “The way it’s going to dovetail next season, we’re going to see some familiar faces coming around in some capacity.” As already announced, next season will be the show’s last.” Onepopz – Kelly Osbourne Calls Adam Lambert “The Hottest Date On Earth”: Kelly had just broken-up and split from her ex-fiancée Matthew Mosshart last week.

When you're going to write and be in the studio, it's like, "Now I have to think about me." That's the mind-set you have to work with.

I keep a journal, and maybe I'll take something from that-but when I'm writing a song I'll usually just be playing around on my guitar.You co-wrote eight of the songs on the album, and you have a solo writing credit on one of them. Your mind has to switch over from two different things.When you're on tour, you're trying to get the crowd involved and really sing and perform to them.Allen sold more total "Idol" tracks than runner-up Adam Lambert (997,000) or fourth-place finisher Allison Iraheta (79,000)."The exposure an up-and-coming artist receives from 'American Idol' is nothing short of amazing," RCA/Jive Label Group chairman/CEO Barry Weiss says."Where else in today's difficult music industry can one get five years of artist development, artist loyalty and public awareness achieved in a short five months?

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