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A South Side woman is accused of shooting a video of herself performing oral sex on an infant girl, Columbus police said.

Felicia Sullivan, 29, was charged with two counts of child rape in connection with the incident, which occurred Nov. The video was discovered when a male friend was helping to repair Sullivan's computer, court records show.

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The statistics about sexual addiction in our culture are alarming.

A huge percentage of the population is trapped in various sexually addictive behaviors that include pornography, masturbation, affairs, and other forms of sexual acting out.

The internet has provided the most powerful vehicle for sexual chaos to date by offering a smorgasbord of sexual options that are available 24/7, affordable and often free, and anonymous.

The consequences of this sexual chaos in our culture cannot be overstated and has contributed directly to the explosion of sexually addicted men, women, and children and has led people down a personally and relationally destructive path.

Project INK is a fully comprehensive HIV prevention initiative designed to outreach, educate, and provide access to care for men who have sex with men.

We strive to enable men through opportunities to receive testing, counseling, linkage to care services, and other resources for health.

The friend contacted Franklin County Children's Services.

Children's Services and Columbus police interviewed Sullivan, who admitted to performing oral sex on the five-month-old girl and videotaping the act with a selfie stick, court records show.

Download Sexual Addiction Treatment Brochure We live in a sexually chaotic culture that is full of mixed messages regarding sex and sexuality.

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