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This required her to be brutally honest with herself and what she wanted. It worked for Webb because she was painfully honest about what she wants out of a partner, including the superficial things. I’m not sure that is right or wrong, but I am sure that’s what I like.If you focus on what you think you should want instead of what you actually want, you will get bad results. Another important point to consider besides what you know you want in a partner, is realizing that the beginning of a relationship (from the time you first meet) sets the tone for the entire relationship.

I’m not saying this is right, it’s just the way it is.

If you are loaded and you like a guy who isn’t, treating him on your dates is your best option.

Be careful paying for the whole date if it’s the first or second date.

If you are a traditional female, who is feminine and wants to be courted, you really are taking the masculine role here, which will affect the roles in the relationship going forward.

Since this isn’t usually apparent in the very beginning, I think it’s rare for the female to pay for the entire date on the first three dates. Now, usually if you ask the guy out and he likes you, he’ll want to pay or split it with you.

But as etiquette goes, if you ask someone out (or invite someone somewhere), there’s an expectation that you’ll pay.

So, looking at the first few dates you go on, there are 4 possible options.

Option 1: He pays for the entire bill Option 2: You split the bill and both pay Option 3: You pay for the entire bill Option 4: He leaves you stranded when the bill comes (or makes up an excuse like he forgot his wallet) If you’re teetering between whether to offer to pay on the first or second date and you’re not sure what’s best, consider these options. In the traditional dating setting, the guy asks the girl on a date and he pays for the date.

If you really like the traditional gender role setup, then this option is best for you.

This says “I’m a traditional woman and want to be treated as such.

I can say that all of my girlfriends who are dating right now split expenses with their boyfriends, but none of them did on the first couple dates.

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