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I had come to see him in Ashworth Hospital, a high security psychiatric unit, one Sunday afternoon in 1994, 28 years after his conviction — along with his girlfriend Myra Hindley — for multiple murder.

By then I had been corresponding with him for two years.

For years, he visited Brady in prison every month, spoke to him on the phone every day and received hundreds of letters from him.

My first meeting with Moors murderer Ian Brady was chilling.

Through all this, I came to follow his perverted thinking and his strange logic.

As he spoke and his grey eyes penetrated the fog from the French cigarettes he constantly smoked, there was something incandescently evil about him.

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Dr Alan Keightley was head of religious studies at a West Midlands sixth-form college when he began writing to Ian Brady in 1992 at the suggestion of the mother of his youngest victim, Lesley Ann Downey.

But I never for one moment thought I was speaking with a madman.

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