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They abuse his already swollen ball sack in the most terrible way, by grabbing, squeezing and beating, that the balls are bouncing in the sack like crazy. Then he get finished off by more brutal kicks in his swollen and aching balls!

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The girls (Scarlett, Eden, Jenna n Jenna's friend Raven), told him to drop his underwear. Black and blue and three times the size they were when they 1st met him. The girls laugh at him and put him up against the wall. NO" Jordan and Lexi take turns slapping the slaves cock and balls, the harder his cock gets the harder they slap!

And there was even a small hole in one of his testicles. They take turns kicking him with their boots, and then barefoot, then put their boots back on and squish his poor bright red balls. Mistress Lexi finds her slaves cock pathetic and useless,she only finds his cock and balls amusing to beat. If you like the rough stuff, seeing a slave being abused, etc. To make it even hotter, this vid was filmed by Ceara Lynch (she waves & teases you with her sexy mouth in the mirror a couple of times).

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Unfortunately for the slave, the tips, tributes, and donations come ROLLING in!

Along with request after request to "Kick him HARDER, Goddess!!!

and by this time, these balls are near their rupture point! she then takes the weight hanger and lifts it up into the air... This causes a quick but massive level of pain to the balls!

She does this several times as she gets a kick out of seeing the cock and balls bounce up and down after she drops the 16 pounds of weight!

The pain of his tender balls is much worse than usual. Ceara & I had a lot of fun abusing & humiliating this real life fan.

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