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C.” star for help transforming the house into a modern and comfortable dwelling that retained the integrity and charm of its historic features.“It was a real challenge to figure out a way to marry these styles in a way that made sense,” Amons says.When David Chavern proposed purchasing an old farmhouse in Falls Church, his wife Suzanne thought he was crazy. ” she says with a laugh, conceding that she could see the appeal of the unique property, which is half turn-of-the-century farmhouse and half 1942 addition.

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“The private spaces are actually pretty intimate, but it’s got these grand public spaces that are great for entertaining.” More of that looms over the horizon.

The couple’s “aggressive entertaining schedule” includes plenty of business lunches and dinners where the expanded kitchen comes in handy.

Walls were knocked down and doors removed to give the space a more harmonious flow from the old abode to the 1942 addition.

The ceiling was raised in the kitchen, a major overhaul.

The concept of preference degree(PD) is first discussed.

Here a PD is used as a measurement for describing preference information of decision makers (DMs) to some value of an objective.

In the 14th century, these dialects came to be collectively known as the langue d'oïl, contrasting with the langue d'oc or Occitan language in the south of France.

The mid-14th century is taken as the transitional period to Middle French, the language of the French Renaissance, specifically based on the dialect of the Île-de-France region.

A hierarchical model for analyzing the preference information is then deduced by defining objective domain of discourse (ODD), fuzzy degree domain of discourse (FDDD), factor domain of discourse (FDD) and sensitivity vector.

Furthermore, some methods are explored for analyzing DMs* PDs of objective values according to a single factor and multiple factors, respectively.

For their busy lifestyle — working, entertaining and keeping up with their four children age 20-25 — the peaceful residence must seem like a refuge.

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