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My “close knit” family (ie- intrusive at best and emotionally abusive at worst) has not taken it well.

My sister and I grew up incredibly close and she was an ally to me with our parents/extended family (usually).

With me being so far away I can’t defend myself and I’m feeling really isolated (I’m sure that’s her intent). If your relatives could just understand, maybe they could help you fix it.

No one in my family is helpful and basically have all sided with her in a very “I don’t want to get involved but…” way. Some of our mutual friends have stopped speaking with me as well and it’s hard to enough maintain contact with the distance even without this drama. If you could just tell your side of the story then maybe…

Everything is about her even when she literally lit the kitchen on fire – really tho, big fire (really long story).

Apparently it’s so hard for her to be home all day with nothing to do but refuses to do anything by herself (except lighting the kitchen on fire – that was all her).

There’s some deets behind that but I won’t get into it.

Well cue a few months after the move she informs me she just booked her tickets and is coming for 10 WEEKS and can’t wait to STAY WITH US!

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Also at one point her wallet was stolen/lost and she had to get new cards sent ect which took a while.

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