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Situated between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures, and has long been a geopolitical battleground between the east and west.

Georgiana Murariu reports from the capital during its period of transition It’s hard to write about Moldova without immediately resorting to “east-meets-west” type clichés, because to a foreigner, the immediate visual reality is that of a porous grey infrastructure adorned with symbols of what it might have meant to be comfortably capitalist in the 1990s.

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This the first time that our working capital experts have looked at working capital performance in relation to enterprise value - with interesting results.

The report provides insight on sectors, territories and companies of all sizes.

Soviet-born Romanian writer and activist Vasile Ernu recently wrote that if one wanted to see capitalism undiluted, one needed to “go east”.

The newfound post-1989 liberty and freedom have morphed into a way of understanding the individual or the state that may be alien to many of us now.

Chișinău has the best of both worlds: on the major central boulevard, a couple of American Peace Corps volunteers recently founded a pulled pork pub called “Smokehouse”, while a few streets away, the word “seedy” takes on new meanings as a nightclub cloakroom operator breezily tells us he needs to check for weapons.

The waitresses and groups of lone women inside eye you up as you enter a smoky dancefloor where a beer will set you back the same amount as in London (the existence of prostitutes in this venue is documented in travel reviews and spread by word of mouth).

Where else but in the east, he asks, can you find a shop that will sell you a fur coat in the middle of the night? Where else in Europe do you have access to a 24-hour Mc Donald’s delivery service?

The answer is unsurprisingly Chișinău (disclaimer: the delivery website claims that Mc Donald’s deliveries are temporarily down but the menu is still available online).

Our ' Workforce of the future' report examines four worlds of work in 2030, to show how competing forces are shaping the workforces and jobs of the future.

Pw C's global People and Organisation Leaders, Jon Williams, Carol Stubbings and Bhushan Sethi discuss how these forces this will influence the world of work over the next decade.

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