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We need no large studio or storage space for paintings.

Whoever wants to take part in mail art does so freely.

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Even now the collaborative concept of Mail Art is coming closer to me with a much higher sound.

We don't have any fixed "ism" in the infinite expanse of the Mail Art Network.

After making them a collage of their drawings, designs, logos, seals, stickers and the like, I make it a rule to send the finished project back to each participant. I appreciate the role of collaboration in Mail Art.

It is important to have new participants each time, but it is more important to be evoked by other mail artists' ideas from within the large and deep Network with a diverse range of expressions and concept.

I can make mail artists' ideas more interesting by actively availing myself of seals and stamps and other materials sent from others and through my own printed matter.

What is more, I can give other mail artists the feeling that they can utilise other's art and collaborate their ideas. The sound coming nearer to us becomes narrower between the sonic waves and sounds higher and more urgent in our ears.

When I was at art school, I used to draw or paint representationally, moved by Cezanne's composition, and Matisse's brightness and his own style of plane.

Later on I had some exchahge with members of the Gutai Group, so I learned new concepts of art through contemporary art.

We can lean from the rain forest that there are a multitude of LIFE FORMS.

We are not chained to any fixed "ism" as this frees us from constraint, nor do we care for copyright we prefer to revise and copy others' works in a free and easy style.

Recently, I have observed many signs that make me feel as if Mail Art is drawing to a close, and that there are many past publications that could [email protected]@as 'compilations' of Mail Art.

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