Who is adam gontier dating

Michael Bell handed him the "Big Time Award", at the 2012 "Wire Awards".

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Adam stated on the Three Days Grace website, "My mother is a musician, so she's really the one who introduced me to the experience of performing live.

She got me singing with jam bands in bars when I was 12 years old.

Change in bands might have made him look distrustful, but he has not lost his fans who enjoy listening to him on records or on stage.

In order to make things easy between him and his fans, Adam has also joined social media like Twitter and Instagram recently, so that the communication gap between him and his fans would be minimal.

Raised in a small family, he lived with his father Gordon and his mother Patricia.

But when he was an early teenager, his parents got divorced, which saw him leave home and move to Peterborough area.

Gontier has won two BMI pop awards as well as Billboard's "Rock Single of the Year".

Both Gontier and Brewer wrote the video for the song, and she also appears in the video.

Some of his collaborations include Daughtry, Ian Thornley, Max Martin, Shaun Morgan, Ben Burnley, Art of Dying, Before the Curtain, and fellow musician and long time friends Kevin Brown Grainne Ryan and Kim Brown.

He has also contributed to a number of other albums.

A Canadian by nationality, Gontier is believed to have mixed European ethnicity.

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