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I always thought that a siblings wedding would be the best, and it went off without a hitch wa Al-Hamdu Lil Allah, but it was not the best..no one warned me of the weird feelings that are attached when your brother gets married, I always expected to get emotional if my sister got married, so it came as a shock when the tears started rolling down my face when he walked into the reception hall all dressed up in his suit! Other than that it was a lovely if odd wedding, what with its meeting of cultures (it was a British Lebanese Palestinian Polish wedding with some Canadian and Jordanian thrown in for good measure..If a site has Certified Metrics instead of estimated, that means its owner has installed code allowing us to directly measure their traffic.

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One of the challenges I have faced in managing it has been getting people to contribute, I wanted to run monthly themes, but my last attempt fell through as I did not get enough feedback to cover “Hijab in the Workplace” (*sob* nobody loves me! So one of the ideas was to ask our lovely members to submit a little post whenever they attend an Imaan event. I admit I am also at fault for letting this blog slide, I have a commitment and will be doing my utmost to keep it alive and thriving.

I recently went back to the UAE, where I grew up, to attend my (not so) little bothers wedding!

Astronomy and Physics are areas in which women are facing some serious challenges in reaching their full potential and becomming university professors.

Many of the problems are environmental and require a change in the work place, and in the attitudes of men, but there are some practical steps that the individual woman can take to better her work life and increase her chances of success.

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thats not counting the nationalities of our guests! And no, there was no alcohol to fuel the joviality, just good old fashioned party mania 🙂 On an aside note on the importance of networking and maintining our social circles, I am currently reading Paul Gilberts “The Compassionate Mind”, an excerpt from which I feel is fitting to this post: [..]we have positive feelings when we are succeeding [at] gaining status and friendships, having a sense of connectidness to friends and family, having our own families.

But we experience very negative emotions when these important aspects of our lives are blocked and we feel like outsiders, disconnected from family or friends, and/or feel as if we have reduce to a lowly status and are inferior.

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