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Taking Time To Heal Opening Up to the Experience Preparing to Meet Someone Community Q&A Dating after a divorce is a big step for many people.

So, it’s no wonder that you may be nervous to re-enter the intimidating world of dating.

Hilda’s advice is here to help you feel ready to start dating after divorce.

READ MORE: Hilda’s advice on how to stop comparing yourself to others and their relationships "" - Hannah Arendt One of the first steps to letting go of your past relationship is to not punish yourself for what went wrong in the marriage to cause it to come to an end.

Hilda recognises that, “Letting go of a marriage invariably involves forgiveness.” She believes that first and foremost you need to forgive yourself.

Ready or not, introducing your kids to a new partner is tricky and has its own etiquette of dating after divorce!

As a parent, the shame and stigma around divorce is what you must heal in order to wisely bring a new partner into your life and into your heart.

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There are times when getting on the bench is useful - especially at the beginning of your separation and divorce.

While, at other times, when the family has regrouped and the bonds between you and your kids are stronger, you may find that you’re all be ready for you to date.

In order to genuinely move forward and create a new type of relationship, we need to learn from our past relationship experiences, of which there is no starker one than divorce.” READ MORE: Hilda Burke's advice for widow dating and moving on from a loss.

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