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I was just talking to Lake this morning in our production meeting about last night’s American Idol.His comment was how happy he was that they finally had some comedy.And its funny, because there are people I love in that movie and I didnt really care. But I happened to walk on the set one day at the wrong time to say "if you do that, were going to have a huge problem". So they took out all the scenes of him actually sipping the drink to make me happy. When Scott and I first met, sometime around 8th grade, I still had some Partridge Family money.

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I said, Please take this money or Im going to either OD or spend it all. I was living in the Hollywood Hills motel and somehow my Mom found out where I was. I was so addicted to smoking crack that I could no longer wait for the pipe to cool down.

So I had giant burns on my fingers and lips because I would pick up a red-hot pipe and stick it in my mouth. So my Mom knocks on the door, and I know what I look like, and Im so bummed that shes there.

He had all these questions for me and I had all these clever answers. The interesting thing for the headline was I was the guy from The Partridge Family, and he was the guy in the miniskirt. So I get out of the car, opened his door and pulled him out of the car. It didnt need to go that far, although were both glad it did because it made a big comeback in both our careers. We were at the gym and there were mirrors on the wall. I hear someone slam me, and I turned around and it was Donny Osmond now thats funny! So, Im on my way to work and listening to the show and hes telling the story just like I told him to do. This disc jockey is leading you down a stupid path. There was no chin strap, so anytime youd get hit it would fall off.

I was walking around Philadelphia and some disc jockey saw me and invited me to be on his show. Well, it had no reflection on what he was wearing or because he was gay. That guy was going to get in a fight and he chose to get in one with me. And he says, Well you took me off my corner, give me $40.00. This went on for 6 or 7 minutes and he still wouldnt get out. And Im thinking, Dont get into this this is going to be really stupid. But the head gear is for children who are studying boxing and didnt fit.

Look, I know the performance arts have been attracting the gay black man since Leroy on Fame, but don’t let yourself get played on national TV.

Oh and American Idol, I don’t appreciate the fact that you are going soft on cats this year by removing the full frontal attacks on looks, weight, and mental capacity yet you still allow the truly flamboyant to fully play themselves on national TV.Don’t lose interest early Idol, you’re already falling out of the star making business.“The Partridge Family” star Danny Bonaduce has been showing off his body art in Jamaica.And as your mother, I want to know that the last thing I told you before you died, was I Love You. The audience erupts in applause, and then I get called into the control room and they told me it sounded like I was beating up the guests. So there is a whole set of circumstances that makes it difficult, not just Disney. As long as it doesnt detract from her performance, because she is far better at singing than anything I do. So she leaves and I went back to get my drugs that I hid behind the medicine chest. It didnt help that there was a Senate subcommittee investigating TV talk shows because guests were killing each other, either. I happen to have another television show and it starts in September, 2001. Dick Clark and I are the hosts of the daytime talk show. The judges shit talking is actually the best part of the show.

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