Awkward dating scenarios

Aim to arrive at a date at least 10 minutes early so if you do get delayed it won’t matter too much.

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If it is your date’s choice check it out beforehand and suggest an alternative if you are not comfortable.

A first date could be the foundation stone in a new relationship so begin it with honesty.

If they don’t and they keep you hanging around for more than 15 minutes then it could be a sign that they aren’t serious about dating.

Always treat people as you would like to be treated, with courtesy and respect.

Here we look at some common scenarios and how to deal with them.

The date who is late Turning up for a first date is nerve wracking but if your date keeps you hanging around it can make your nerves even worse.If you arrive at your date and find the person you are meeting bears little resemblance to either their photo or their profile you are free to leave and you should if you feel that they have been deliberately dishonest.More common than outright lying is people not telling the full truth, they may have said they were a little overweight but actually it is more than a ‘little’. You’re about to meet a relative stranger and of course there will be a hope that they could be ‘the one’.One thing that makes people more nervous, especially when they have met their date online, is the fear of it being a disappointment and the date becoming awkward.You’ve searched high and low for that special someone.

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