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"There's a lot of skepticism in the market," Girouard said. People have concluded that Web search is easy and enterprise search is the hard stuff.It doesn't work that well, and people wonder if it can really be done well at all...

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Google operates at such a huge scale, making the level of quality radically better than open-source alternatives.

Google has also added document previews, moderated social suggestions and expert search to find people relevant to the results people get.

In May, it launched a data beta project, Lucid Works Big Data, which certifies and integrates Apache open source components to develop and manage big data applications.

Yes, Google does have an edge in search overall but what I don’t see is GSA’s application to big data applications.

The previous system used a less efficient batch-crawling technique, Girouard said, which updated the entire index once every two or three days.

Google dominates Web search, but it has struggled to transplant its success seamlessly to the business of simplifying document searches for corporations.Girouard also touted software improvements such as secure sign-on, which limits queries to only those documents that a particular employee is authorized to see.In addition, the new system continuously crawls corporate intranets seeking out and updating only new documents and changes in existing documents.And he said the effort fits with Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it easily accessible.The updates to GSA 7.0 fall into three buckets: But Google Translate’s API integration will set GSA apart.Some have wondered if it would go the way of the Google Mini, the appliance discontinued last spring that once stood as a hallmark of Google’s enterprise search efforts.

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