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I am of the opinion that a system with more complex grammar may be preferable, so long as it is easy to fill out. Remember that the Ben System is tried and true: it has been used to set world records in various events and is a favorite of top competitors.

In the Major System, these are represented in digit form by all numbers 000-199, 900-999, and 700-799.

As the 000-999 list begins to be filled out, one can begin to train with a deck made of all of the # cards (A-10), for Spades and Hearts, and a similar deck with Clubs and Diamonds.

For instance, when the words "Foot," or "Feet" occur, it can be difficult to imagine anything else while reading them.

On the other hand, it is a breath of fresh air to have words simply handed to you. 3) Since they do not usually make words on their own, the phonemes will usually serve as reminders of the chosen images.

All numbers in SS adhere to the Major System strictly.

The first 4 suit combinations are as follows: Initial consonants: #♠#♠ - S, Z #♥#♥ - S, Z #♠#♥ - T, D #♥#♠ - T, D #♣#♣ - K, G #♦#♦ - K, G #♣#♦ - P #♦#♣ - P These initial consonants are represented by the suit combinations.

Most of the phonemes produced by the system are not actual words, and in some cases, the phonemes produced do not exist in any form in English.

Even if the consonant and vowel sounds were altered to reflect those commonly used in any other language, this would still be the case - there are just too many combinations.

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The Ben System is an extended major system that serves as an algorithm for producing phonemes.

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