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Moreover, the acquisition of a muscular or vocal action through imitation makes it possible to repeat the same action afterwards in play.

; It is only a step, therefore, to find that imitation, ; as an instinct, has to have ascribed to it, in a measure, J the same race utility as play — ^that of going before the Vi THE PLAY OF ANIMALS. perfectio B as an in- stinct; in others it puts a stress on intelligence^ and-^o allows the instinct to fall away, if it have no independent utility in addition to that served by the intel Kgence.f lln other words, it is through imitation that instincts both * arise and decay; that is, some instincts are furthered, d some suppressed, by imitation.

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This general conception of play has been set forth by other writers; but Professor Groos works it out in this book in a way which attaches his name permanently to it.

It is especially in connection with this latter func- tion of play, I may add, that the instinct to imitate comes in to aid it.^^Jmitation i&real in^tiact^ hut it is not alwajs playful; play is a.r^al instinct^ but it is not always imitati¥e^ There is likely, however, to be a gregit dgal of jmitatiftn in play^^since the occasion on which a parti£i Llar..pla^-iuncdion dev d o p s i s oft e n t ha t which also. the actual sight or hearing of the acts or voices of other animals.

in the strenuous and necessary functions of its life and so to be ready for their onset r ^^.^"^^^^^^^''^ly ^^^ ttni m ft Mij n -j ^ rnnrn l instincrto do many things in a playful way, and so to.

learn tor itfiftl i much fhat "would atherwise ha^e to be inherited in the form of special instincta.;..thia4ffl±gji intelli^ gence, 'WBTch* mus oomeft t Q.replarp instlnpt (p. Either of these utilities, Professor Groos thinks, would insure and justify the play instinct; so important are they that he suggests that the real meaning of infancy is that therejnay .time for phy- (see his preface).

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