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Here are the best things to do in Casablanca, Morocco.Ain Diab is known as the place ‘where the rich come to swim.” A luxury seaside community only a short distance from downtown Casablanca, Ain Diab is a pleasant spot to spend a weekend or a mini-holiday in one of the many modern, and not so modern, hotels.

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They are planning to install more lines, but until then, get a map of all stops, and just like locals, have a sit and watch the city pass by.

Trams are low, easy to get on and off, and tinted windows and air conditioning make them very comfortable.

Pete, Jacuzzi, East Coast, TX, San Jose stuff to do, San Diego, Wilmington, MD, OR, Orlando, Louisville, Salt Lake City, Secluded, SC, CA, Key Largo, Hershey According to those who have seen it, King's Palace in Casablanca is an Islamic architectural masterpiece, surrounded by fragrant orange groves and an ornate water feature.

Located in New Medina quarter, there is a tall wall around it, guarded by heavily armed guards, and if you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of the inside if the gate opens to let someone in.

Start your discovery with the second largest mosque in the world, the magnificent Hassan II mosque.

Stroll along the Cornishe and watch the ocean, explore the city aboard the tramway, or take in the beauty of stained glass in the Notre Dame de Lourdes Cathedral.

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It can survive earthquakes and accommodate 25,000 people at prayer inside the mosque and 80,000 people in the courtyard.

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