Screen updating off

A printer is attached too but is most of the time turned off.I don't know what is causing this problem because its only been a few days since the OS was installed.

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Touchscreen devices are becoming necessity nowadays and they are continuously replacing physical keypads/keyboards on Laptops, Cell-phones, Car-stereo and on many other things.

Android OS ranks #1 and it comprises of 80% of touchscreen devices sold in global market.

This can be great for reading documents or e Books, or for mounting monitors in hard-to-reach places.

Rotating the display in Windows or Mac is usually fairly straightforward, but sometimes computer manufacturers make things more difficult.

If they are needed I saved a copy to a USB and will upload to mediafire.

Any and all kind of help would be greatly appreciated.

If you are still unable to make touchscreen work maybe its time to claim warranty, Its a lengthy process but works.

Also, post comments below to share other tips not mentioned in this article. I like solving problems and helping people with their stuff. Drop a comment below, if you are facing any difficulties.

This will wipe your phone/tablet and return it to its original condition.

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