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It is difficult for people to live by a spiritual truth if they do not understand it.

Hopefully, this spiritual blog post makes things easier. I think I wrote it in 2011, but it is still just as popular and useful.

After you're done reading through the list, hopefully you'll stick around and search through a few of the more than 800 blog posts (as of early 2018) that are here.

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Energy is one big reason people can feel wired up all day and all night.

If you can't calm down enough, your sleep gets disrupted.

But the original form of the relationship typically needs to be released for anything new to be born. So go within to find the truth, to find love, and to find spiritual freedom.

This post gets updated with the upcoming/latest year each year because its message is timeless. There continues to be lots of curiosity about spiritual awakening as well as lots of people who wonder if they are going through one.

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It's a beautiful thing to give people a non-judgmental space to just be themselves.

There are lots of reasons people feel drained energetically. This blog post has cracked the top 10 for the first time ever. People are very attached to relationships, and interestingly enough, this attachment can drive people to the spiritual path.

If the person can learn to let go of the relationship, they and their partner have the possibility for deeper transformation.

Hence, this spiritual awakening blog post continues to be one of my most popular posts. People like having energy to do stuff, and when they don't have energy, that sends people seeking answers.

The 10 Most Popular Spirituality Blogs has finally been unseated from its perch atop the list of most popular blog posts.

People are always thinking in terms of time, and so I try to help people understand that time is kind of irrelevant to a spiritual awakening. The ego wants to know how long before it can go back to business as usual, but that business is ending.

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