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Not only are the fish in the farm affected, but also wild fish that swim by the farm. Population histories of right whales (Cetacea: Eubalaena) inferred from mitochondrial sequence diversities and divergences of their whale lice (Amphipoda: Cyamus). Precise timing of anti-parasite medicine can help keep the lice from infesting the farm, but the ecological effects of dumping parasite-killing chemicals into ocean are unknown. Lice are found in the fur and feathers of almost every species of mammal and bird. Crustaceans and insects are actually both a part of the same phylum (arthropoda), and may even be directly related. Arthropod relationships revealed by phylogenomic analysis of nuclear protein-coding sequences.

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Whale lice are very different from salmon lice, in that they live on the whale for their entire lives and can only move to another whale when the whales touch each other.

Right whale calves get whale lice from their mothers.

The salmon may even see a louse and swim toward what it thinks is dinner, only to find itself with an unwanted hitchhiker.

Fish farms make it easier for the lice to find a host, because many fish are crowded into the same place.

As kids, many of us had the incredibly embarrassing experience of acquiring head lice.

You tried on a friend's silly hat at school and a few days later your head won't stop itching. High PCB Concentrations in Free-Ranging Pacific Killer Whales, Orcinus orca: Effects of Age, Sex and Dietary Preference. erraticus prefers to colonize wounds and genital/mammary slits). Just thinking about it is enough to make anyone feel itchy. The whales generally do not appear to be bothered by this many lice, although lice populations can explode on sick or injured whales. While the shampoo kills the adult lice, the eggs are protected inside their shells. The eggs are stuck to the strands of your hair, and it's necessary to spend hours painstakingly removing them with the fine-toothed comb, or even painstakingly searching your scalp and picking the nits off your hair with fingernails. Yes, fish do get lice, but they are very different from the lice you might have had in grade four. The whale in the photo above had a fishing net entangled in its mouth, making it difficult for it to eat, swim and stay healthy.

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