Teenager dating programmes

She might need to work at learning these rules, along with basic social skills – for example, knowing what is and isn’t appropriate to say to people.

You could record an episode of a TV show and pause it to talk about what your child would do next in that situation.

Video-modelling You can buy ready-made videos to help your child learn social skills, but making your own is also an option.

She could record how often a particular behaviour happens using tick sheets, stickers or a wrist counter.

For example, if your child’s goal is to make eye contact when she talks to someone, she could tick her sheet each time she does.

Teenage social relationships can be complicated, especially for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Strategies like role-play, video-modelling, Social Stories™, prompt cards and hobby groups can help your child practise the social skills he needs for a positive social life.

You could also try something related to friendships, like asking a classmate to get together at the weekend.

You can ask your child what skills and situations he’d like to practise.

You could also use video to help your child understand facial expressions, body language, tone of voice and so on.

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