Adult webcamming

Again, her genuine love of sex really came through in all her stuff, and as a result, that footage has to be some of the most erotic porn out there, IMO.

Back in 2015, Sophia made a decision to become an exclusive cam model over at, and that was probably her most serious mistake — one which probably played a huge part in her recent choice to retire from the adult world.

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I watched her like a hawk during most of her career, so I think I can speak confidently on the subject.

First of all, Sophia Locke’s best contribution to the collective camgirl knowledge base is that she proved that sexual genuineness can really go far in propelling a cam model’s career. When she cammed, you could always tell that she was really into being an exhibitionist and enjoying people’s various kinks.

Sophia Locke got huge on My Free Cams, which is where she became one of the top 20 best known models.

She was featured in the Cam Girlz documentary and went on to star in many porn films.

We obviously can’t be sure why she has made this decision, but it’s also obvious that the camming troubles of the past couple years almost certainly had a great deal to do with it.

I know that I feel sadness about her coming exit from the cam girl game, but I also know that I’m grateful for all I’ve been able to learn from her.

Evelyn: I think I’m a mix of a little bit of everything but mostly Irish. Evelyn: My first scene was shot in March of this year.

CJ: You’re very exotic looking, what’s your ethnicity?

She is currently a free agent and is booking independently.

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