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VIEWS is a digital publication distributed quarterly by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and dedicated to the interpreting profession. Hi Julia, We didn't have the "view list" function in the app previously, it was only on the website, but I will pass that feedback along to our development team.

The magazine includes RID member spotlights, announcements from the RID board, and engaging stories about issues impacting the interpreting community. There is, however, a new feature in the app that allows you to page through the words in a word list.

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What has never been revealed before, however, is that the 76-year-old is not deliberately snubbing anyone. 'I have been quite deaf in both ears for a decade now,' she says.

'If I take my hearing aids out, I can't hear my dogs barking right next to me.

Having become a household name as Victor Meldrew's long-suffering wife, Annette Crosbie is accustomed to people assuming she's somewhat grumpy.

Indeed, the Bafta-winning actress freely admits that, along with her great friend and One Foot In The Grave co-star Richard Wilson, she has irritated her fair share of people by bluntly ignoring their attempts to spark up a conversation.

See this article and more in the Fall 2017 Edition of VIEWS Magazine from RID. From what I can tell, a feature that I really liked is no longer available—the “view list” function, whereby all the signs on the list are shown one after the other, instead of having to go back to the list and click on each sign individually. If you go to a word list in the app and then click on any word in the app to view that sign, you will notice at the bottom of the screen that now there is a black bar that says "List Item X of Y" (like 4 of 20) and there are right and left arrows in that bar that you can use to page through to the next (or previous) sign in the list.

I think you will like this new feature in the app because it makes going from one sign to another in a word list much easier than before.In the newer versions, you can see the version number on the loading screen when starting up the app.As of right now, the current version that you want installed is 2.4. Hi, I am in the UK using Makaton which is sign language (signed English) for those who CAN hear but not communicate verbally.'I'm speaking out now because I hate the notion that there should be any stigma attached to wearing hearing aids.'The RNID is working hard to change that, which is marvellous, so anything I can do to raise awareness is no trouble at all.' The RNID aims to make hearing aids no more remarked upon than reading glasses." because I haven't actually heard something they've said to me. 'Through our research, people have told us they are worried to admit to hearing loss or are in denial about it because they link it to the process of ageing.

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