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Despite only spending three days in the field this week, Dolly and Mikaela managed to finish our last two units (one in the basement of the structure and the other located just west of the structure) at House Lot #38/40 and a last minute push to finish shovel tests at House Lot #34/36 succeeded in finishing up the last of the digging for the year.While some additional mapping and measuring will be taking place this week (as well as back filling everything we’ve just finished excavating —don’t tell the students), we can finally finish our field paper work and focus almost exclusively on lab work for the last week of our adventure out here at Eckley! Linebaugh had an opportunity to view some of the items we’ve been finding as well as offer his interpretations of the standing stone foundation at House Lot #38/40. Linebaugh has given us some exciting avenues for exploration in the future and we hope to follow through on those ideas!

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The students got a chance to peruse the building and see the complete makeover of the interpretation.

We were also joined by three University of Maryland faculty – Dr.

As we focus more on the lab portion of the field school, new and exciting revelations are being made almost on a daily basis!

The students are learning about different manufacturing processes for nails, ceramics, and glass, and how each of these manufacturing processes left different physical marks on the artifacts that we can use to identify and establish the age of the item. While Saturday was rainy, Sunday was non-stop visitors from 9am to 4pm!

We plan on moving next door and beginning to shovel test the adjoining lot on Monday.

Hopefully that house has as great materials and intact context as we’ve found at House Lot #38/40!We had an excellent showing and all of the students had an opportunity to explain the process to groups of visitors.In addition to the lab, we also opened the excavations so people could see where all of our artifacts were coming from!All in all, it was a positive learning experience and an opportunity to illustrate to students the importance of public archaeology.artifacts are becoming recognizable in the lab as they are washed and sorted.Exciting new finds include pieces of carnival glass, a ceramic doll foot, and perhaps even a celluloid billiards ball!We closed one of the three remaining units we have open while Mikaela and Dolly work diligently on finishing up the last two.

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