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What makes the hairless “norm” so specious is that untold women out there have never embraced it.

One Toronto writer we know says she tried shaving when it first became popular and swore off it for life.

Feminists have argued it fetishizes a prepubescent appearance.

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In other words, once we go bare, we rarely go back, for better or worse.

Men’s chins, women’s shins and women’s armpits are all exemplars of the rule.

More than a decade since the bare-all Brazilian wax became a fixture of many women’s grooming routines, some feel a return to hairy crotches can’t come soon enough.

Over the years, the fad for hairlessness has been criticized as damaging to female body image.

Correction - January 29, 2014: This article was edited from a pevious version to change an incorrect photo.

I believe Japan's obscenity laws have some particular rules regarding pubic hair.

Such as opting for a very minimal censor bar: A female version would be similarly censored to a minimal interpretation of the law.

Unfortunately I don't have any appropriate pictures of fruit on hand.

Sure, beards have made a bit of a style comeback, but shaved cheeks remain the norm.

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