Confession point of dating

The Bible states that if a man looks at a woman lustfully he has already committed adultery with her in his heart.It doesn’t matter whether that woman is married or not.

If a woman opened up to you about a previous abuse or situation that made her feel uncomfortable and you chose to dismiss it because women are always “too emotional” you are responsible.

If you are a man who made a suggestive comment (even in jest) you are responsible.

This, of course, is not at all to say that all men are guilty simply by association of their gender, however, it is to say, that even with this growing movement, it is still very much seen as a women’s issue.

As something like “well, that sucks it happened to you, thanks for sharing with me, but I’m still not going to take any responsibility for what happened to you.” The truth of the matter is that the Bible calls both men and women to a very high standard of sexual morality and living.

Some posts give a victory cry of how despite injustice, the individual has overcome, other posts simply state that the individual is not yet ready to disclose all that happened (at least publicly) but would consider having the conversation off line or via private messaging.

And still many others are an invitation to talk – to discuss, to empower and support one another through what is a tumultuous and oftentimes scarring experience.

If she is married – you are robbing her husband even if you never act on your impulse you are degrading and defiling her.

If she is single (even if you are in a relationship with her but have not yet put a ring on her finger) you are robbing her future husband and objectifying her.

Nevertheless, it also can raise someone’s defences, heightening their PTSD, and reminding them of experiences they’ve tried so hard for years to bury.

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