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As a petite brunette with B Cups and a great booty, hot or sexy became cute. I 'am' a master carpenter, cabinet maker extraordinary. I do additions, bath, and kitchen remodeling, and a lot of repairs.

By the very nature of the work, I find myself alone with a lot of housewives.

I'm inclined to believe C's version of the story because I know M and I know her personality and it seems much more fitting.

In fact I would have almost left this out and kept the story to two parts but I felt like this part of the story was important enough, and d..

I have always had a fascination with doing things nude. I took a shower and got dressed in a loose tank top and short shorts. Gwen, like Valerie, was English, very pretty and had had an American Husband. Aside from the redwoods and gorgeous coastline, we enjoy the showers as they have hot water and are large enough to accommodate two people.

After finding this site I have got more daring and want to share my adventure. (Part two : Day on the lake) John decides my my naked wife has him too excited and removes his cokc from her mouth, much to her displeasure. I came home from work one day and found my boyfriend making diner. Couples often shower together and we are no different. Well a while back, while I was at work, my wife visited her girlfriend.

So it was 2004, i had a GF (Jen), she was 18yr I was 21, she was a beautiful brunette kinda demure, but wild in bed, and getting wilder, I was her first but she was a quick learner.

I was playing in a rock band and one day the drummer introduced us to his sister in love (Sue), who was gonnabe our new vocalist, blond, blue eyes, big real breast, nice ass, and voice of an angel, that day after a few.. I had been flirting with a local girl at a truck stop for sometime and one day as we were talking age came up and I told her that my birthday was in a few days.

She'll climb into the back seat with him (mostly), and process to flirt and play with him, encouraging him to do the same. My wife spends a lot of time on the road for business. So I suggested she liven up her evenings by inviting a guy, or woman, back to her room.

The only stipulation was that he, or she, has to call me and ask to have sex with her.

I gave it no more thought till the day of my birthday when I stopped in to flirt like almost everyday.

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