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There are no rules, do what you are comfortable doing and say “NO” if you are not comfortable.

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I know that people who divorce are not failures, and that divorce is not the senseless loss it is made out to be, but I also know that just saying so will not eliminate the gnawing suspicion, especially among those who are struggling with a divorce right now.

But if we can keep from being defeated by our bad feelings, we have a chance to find a healing perspective, a belief that, like other natural changes, divorce is a prelude to growth and an important opportunity for gain.

Get clothes that fit and clothes that you look great and feel great in. Consider a new hairstyle or like my case, highlights.

You will gain confidence when you feel you look your best.

Separation and divorce provide a wealth of learning that is impossible when we are continuously in long-term relationships -- even good ones.

The healing perspective is based on an observation that might seem simplistic and overly optimistic, yet upon deep consideration is a source of understanding and hope.

At its best, divorce is one of those things that we consider bad even when it leads to a better life.

This attitude results partly from our fear of endings and loss, and partly because, for a long while, our suffering seems to outweigh any benefits we might gain.

What is required is the willingness to allow for the possibility that there may be something positive behind the constant high rate of marital endings, regardless of our personal fear and the doomsday attitude of our society.

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