Sophos has stopped updating

At the time you mention, I remember using Mc Afee to remove a virus that "tech support" could not. Mc Afee was the only one that could remove it back then. Having said that, I'm sure we could find 10 samples for each engine out there to obtain similar results.

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Ahh the old F-Prot now that brings back memories, they have been around for yonks, competing with Mc Afee as one of the pioneers back in the day.

Actually Uncle Wiskas was just a wee lad when they started, that was many many moons ago lol.

https:// Malware Recently tested the premium version but also noted they have a free version which I have not installed.

Detected everything I threw at it, excellent performance, negligible system impact, recommended.

Once a week usually on the weekend I do a full Malwarebytes Scan as well. Merry Christmas fellow members :-) What are people here using for AV/Anti Spyware etc for windows 10 that doesn't have issues with the new system Can some people name a few that's worth using or is windows defender malwarebytes all you need these days My Main PC still has Windows 7, this all in 1 desktop got for my birthday not long ago is a play around machine to test windows 10 on it :) Windows 10 still has a fair bit of work ahead no doubt but its slowly growing on me I share your pain buddy, I'm sticking with windows 7 until support runs dry in 2020. Edit coming up ( funny thing is I was trying to find my post in Windows 10 thread, where I thought we were discussing that posters comment.

I see no reason to upgrade to windows 10 until then, I love the fact I can control updates with windows 7 on my cable connection. Sorry again :-( Kaspersky – Which gives more overall protection, Internet or Total Security Which Kaspersky gives more overall protection out of Internet Security or Total Security? All I can find is Internet Security 2015 for 5 devices / 2 years , or Total Security for 1 device / 1 year Or should I wait until the 2016 versions come out?

Okay thanks Their is KIS & TIS as above, both 2015 (which were are copyrighted 2014).f As stated above should I wait or get the 2016 version, or get this year's version & just get the updates at a cheaper price & 'discounted' price?

The shop said that that would update the anti-virus to the current version.

All the ransomware/file-encryption programs can be very financially nasty, particularly if you don't have have up-to-date backups. The later are design to replicate and flourish by passing from one system to the other. If you have a decent ISS, configured correctly, regularly updated and scanning and use the Internet via a limited account, with care and suspicion, even view mail with links and/or attachments with suspicion (- contact your financial institution if not sure), it's likely that you'll be reasonably safe. These people would need to segregate/isolate their wild/less suspicious times – perhaps to another machine that can be rebuilt when it becomes unusable. Also if you want to take a risk, don't do it on your PC or Laptop you use for important things.

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