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“I’m sorry, sir,” one apologised as an afterthought.

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Authorities appear unable to curb this violence, and the usual victims are local Port Moresby residents.

Send us your Feedback / Letter to the Editor Still, all this talk can give the wrong impression.

If you need a taxi during your visit, don’t hail one on the street.

Get the bellhop to arrange a trusted vehicle and driver, which should cost Kina15-30.

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Sure, its capital is infamously crime-cursed, but it should be known that a large, inviting nation lurks beyond Port Moresby’s lawless boundaries.

It was promoted by missionaries and colonial officials, the Germans having once colonised the country’s north.

Though a highly effective form of communication it does tend to amuse visitors, who encounter words such as bagarap for broken, sit haus for toilet, Though conventional wisdom would have you out of Port Moresby and into more appealing parts of the country as soon as possible, the city is not without its appeal to tourists.

Other than that it was a cheery sunny Saturday afternoon.

The hoodlums (or “rascals” as they are quaintly referred to here) were rather polite.

Ask the driver to pick you up when your meeting is over.

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