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These days, there seem to be apps for everything — dating, adventure-seekers, and book-lovers. Perhaps you’ve tried Meetup groups, but they’re too intimidating or have too many members — you just want something more low-key.And, yes, you can “befriend” people on dating apps, but if the initial intent was to date, a “friend” from there may have ulterior motives.This is the situation that my husband and I are in since we moved about two years ago.

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Not to mention the fact that I work in a very small office, so it is not like you can meet that many people at work.

There is no one in our apartment building that we are currently friends with, not that they are bad people, most are friendly, just not really anyone that we currently have anything in common with.

• Bristlr: a dating app for bearded men and the women who love them Wiith co-founder Jeff Hodnett told Tech Cruch that he believed Meetup is “too rigid” for more natural, spontaneous get-togethers.

It’s here where the app’s likeness to Tinder becomes starkly apparent.

Youcef actually approved my coming along, and as I write this very sentence has just pinged me to say ‘hey’. A fresh dating app seems to spring up every month, and friendship platforms are following suit – today, the young, mobile generation appreciates the practicality and instantaneous nature of forming relationships by scrolling through pictures and sending a few messages.

With that in mind, Wiith already has a few similar models to compete with.Of course you still keep in touch with your old friends but you can not call them up to go to dinner or a movie spur of the moment.I mean who wants to drive two hours at the spur of the moment to meet up for dinner?• The Tinderisation of modern life is on the rise I arranged a coffee meet-up for Saturday at 5.30pm, which after half an hour a guy called Harpal said he was coming to.I also followed a man called Jeff, something that means Wiith will notify me when he creates an event, and told some bloke called Youcef I’d join him for a run on tomorrow at 9pm. It’s true that the current market for community-based dating and networking is becoming increasingly saturated.I have had this discussion with others who have moved as well and they agree. It is not as easy as it used to be, when I was in school and college.

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