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So if the headline is 'Burns shoots prez' the players are open to say 'How can a burn shoot the prez, not a legal headline'.

However if you allowed to lawyer it you can state...'Its a man named burns that shot the prez.' which would make it legal.

That is just an idea, since the game dosent make room for it, and I think the loss in points makes it so you are inclined to make easier to understand headlines...which is harder to do.

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HOUSE RULES OR PERSONAL CHANGES: For this game it seems as if the creator wanted the 'cards to talk' like in poker.

You lay your hand down, people vote if it makes sence and thats it. If you have a headline you know will need context to pass you can laywer it for a penality before you lay it down (I still dont know what that needs to be, maybe 1/2 the points of the headline rounded down).

The year has only just begun but there’s already plenty of new video games to look forward to, from Red Dead Redemption II to God Of War.

2017 was one of the best years ever for video games, which means that 2018 has a very hard act to follow.

The developers say there are “more than 375 unique paths through the game” that each player can take.

That’s quite a lot, and the key will be whether those paths are substantially different or not.

This is a game that’s not designed to be played through just once.

You’ll be able to play against a friend or against the computer. The Wolf’s Bite will cost you .99 (around £6.15) when it hits Steam for Windows and Mac on August 21st.

Every move and choice made by the player as the three different protagonists is permanent and will have consequences on the world and its characters.

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