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The merits of adding this sexual DV item are especially apparent in this study, in which a higher frequency of sexual violence exposure appears to be associated with NMUPD among both male and female students.Although sexual violence victimization is more commonly reported by female students (15.6% vs 5.4%), it is notable that such victimization is associated with NMUPD for male students.

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Particularly challenging is that the NMUPD measure asks about lifetime use only (not past year use), precluding examination of temporal associations.

The NMUPD measure is also not specific to a particular drug (ie, stimulant versus pain medication).

Because sexual minority youth have a higher prevalence of violence victimization as well as substance use, sexual minority status may be relevant.

However, in this study the association of NMUPD with DV victimization remained even after adjusting for sexual identity, suggesting other potential mechanisms to explain this relationship.

Thus, early-onset mental disorders may predispose youth to NMUPD as well as DV victimization.

Longitudinal, ethnographic, and social network studies are needed to understand patterns of NMUPD and how these may or may not be related to violence victimization in intimate relationships and other poor behavioral health outcomes.The researchers provide data related to TDV prevention practices by schools, training to assist TDV victims provided to personnel within the past 2 years, and the most common ways principals assisted victims of TDV. According to the authors, teen-dating violence has emerged as a 'significant child and adolescent social and health problem,' but school administrators and staff are not equipped to address it," says Editor-in-Chief Mary Ellen O'Toole, Ph D, Forensic Behavioral Consultant and Senior FBI Profiler/Supervisory Special Agent (ret.) and currently, Director of the Forensic Sciences Program, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA."More training is absolutely essential to address this problem effectively.The article is available free on the Violence and Gender website.The article entitled "Preventing and Responding to Teen Dating Violence: A National Study of School Principals' Perspectives and Practices" is coauthored by Jagdish Khubchandani, MBBS, Ph D, Ball State University (Muncie, IN) and colleagues from Illinois State University (Normal, IL), University of Houston (Victoria, TX), University of Toledo (OH), Indiana Area Health Education Center (Muncie), and Illinois Education Association (Chicago).We found that mental disorders that preceded initiation of dating (including but not limited to substance use disorders) were associated with subsequent physical DV victimization (as well as perpetration).

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