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Many people who stray do so from a relatively good relationship.

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"Speak up early because if you think something's wrong, it probably is," she says. You will be much more likely to be successful in saving the relationship if you catch potential problems early." "If you get the cold shoulder at your husband's company holiday party where everyone used to be friendly, it's a sign," Landers says.

"His colleagues either know about the affair and figure you are on the way out, so why be nice?

"When your doctor prescribes pain medication, he or she will tell you to take it before the pain gets really bad because then it is more likely to be effective," she says. "One of the red flags is when a partner is sneaking around a bit," Praver says.

Maybe he or she takes secret cell phone calls on the porch instead of using the phone by the bed, or maybe he is out on weeknights whereas he used to be home watching television, she says.

While not necessarily advising it, Praver says people can check call logs on cell phones to see if there really is fire where there is smoke.

"Sometimes people with a background of these types of things may be more likely to repeat them," Van Epp says.

And far, far too young to be marrying 34-year-old 'ladette' Denise Van Outen, to whom he has just become engaged.'Do people call you her toy boy? Lee, who has a scrubbed pink-and-white complexion and smells of talcum powder, giggles. There is some mystery about when the two started going out. But when the show began, Lee had a girlfriend called Kerry Stammers.

He looks at his slender, hairless hands and says: 'I had other things to think about, like singing to millions of people on television.' I find this hard to believe.

"Sometimes it's a guilty, look-the-other-way gift or a see-I-am-really-a-good guy-even-if-I-leave-you gift," Landers says.

"It could be a diamond bracelet, a cashmere sweater, a new car.

Or your partner has been making critical comments about you so they think you are no good." "Don't make excuses," she says.

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