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Professor Seltsikas described Matt's strategy as "super brave"."My own opinion is to not engage at all with the hackers.The investigation began after Felde allegedly friend requested and undercover officer’s fake Facebook profile on Tuesday.Actually, turns out there's a site where you can already watch the live footage of thousands of CCTV cameras from all over the world.

If you've never heard of the dating app Bumble, you've most likely heard of the concept behind it, at least: Download an app, make a profile, then swipe through photos of potential mates.

If you're interested, you swipe right — if you're not, swipe left.

The statistics from Australia's very own government cybercrime initiative are a lot lower.

It recorded about 4,000 reports of 'scams or fraud' cybercrime in a three-month period at the end of last year.

"He was pretty embarrassed but the fear of something happening overpowered the embarrassment."Brendan managed to talk his friend down.

He took the phone and messaged the the girl pretending to be a police officer.

Sent me a list of all my contacts and a copy of the video.

I stressed out for a while, called the cops they said they couldn't do anything about it.

But then they replied with a screenshot of his Facebook friends, and personal details from his website. Security software companies, who may have an interest in exaggerating the threat, say they have detected vast numbers of attacks.

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