Discrete erotische chat dating the royal blue

Intelligent, well-dressed, well-educated men have urges too, and doctors pull such long hours that getting to indulge himself probably seems like a fantasy come to life.Good thing for him you’re here to give him a check-up for a change!

The teacher/student sexy roleplay is a classic for a reason--it doesn’t get any hotter or more forbidden than this!

Whether you’ve had a sexy teacher of your own or just fantasized about staying after for a little “extra credit,” you’ll lovegetting down and dirty with this idea.

Him: The powerful, dominating prison guard is more than ready to take advantage of his position--and the helpless prisoner.

Or change it up a little--maybe your prisoner really needs some cigarettes to trade, or a little extra money for the commissary, and she’ll do anything he needs. As an escort, you’re sexy and maybe a little dangerous--and you’re good enough in bed that your man is willing to pay a hefty sum just to get you alone and doing whatever he wants.

All you need for this scenario is a calm or isolated area where you and your girlfriend / boyfriend can pull over to on the side of the road.

Be sure to wear a skirt - it's easy and can be discreet.You can always take a cab if you don't have access to a car.You can let your boyfriend see you walking and ask the taxi driver to pull over.You’re paying this man to look at your body, to put his hands on you..you’re trusting that he’ll act in a responsible, professional way.Another idea is that you’re the sexy nurse that he can’t keep his hands off.Imagine your man as the stern, strict, teacher who is ultimately helpless with his desire for you.

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