Intimidating management

The teacher is a ball of nerves, at his or her wits’ end, reacting to every act of disobedience with inward stress and outward frustration.

Most teachers who resort to hurtful methods like intimidation do so in lieu of following their classroom management plan—which amounts to going back on their word.

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As we grew more popular and started to draw thousands of fans four and five nights a week, all within a 75-mile radius of Manhattan, the pressure increased to keep the rooms full.

Our approach was to convince the club owners that we were partners.

The club owners even started to root for us to get out of the circuit and represent the best rock had to offer from the New York and New Jersey area.

Many of them lent us money (advances for future shows, without the "vig") for demo tapes, rehearsals, and trips to Europe.

To this day, the club owners who are still alive remain friends of the band, and some even appear in the documentary.

Yes, in the early days some thought we played too loud, and, yes, some didn't like that we wanted to play original material, but the relationship was always respectful. We always proved our point with an economic model that worked for all parties.On nights when the gas crisis or bad weather wreaked havoc on the local bar scene, I recognized that just because we had a guaranteed fee, some nights were not financially successful. They created bad blood, and as soon as their crowds began to shrink, the club owners couldn't wait to cut their pay and be less cooperative in many other ways.I would sit with these owners and actually hand them back several hundred dollars. That way they knew that I understood their problems. We, on the other hand, had a very different experience.If we were bringing in the same amount of sales or better, we could ask for a raise confident that the club owner needed us just as much as we needed him.Building Partnerships The strategy worked, and slowly we got paid more.This week, I'll be in Amsterdam at the International Documentary Film Festival, attending the debut of a documentary about the first 10 years in the history of Twisted Sister.

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