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Single and married members of the Church see the challenges facing singles in a very different way.

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Question: According to the National Survey of Family Growth, the median age for women to enter a first marriage (in the U. The numbers for Mormon culture are leaning more and more towards the national standard for first marriages.

More people are putting it off until college is done.

I have never known what it even feels like to be a part of a complete family since I grew up in a single-parent home.244 written responses were given. The answers provided below were the “every third response” in the spreadsheet, and not selected for content.

(Answers were kept intact, and unedited.) Haven’t found the right match yet.

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LDSFriends is the ULTIMATE place to chat for LDS Singles and consistently ranks with the reviews of LDS Dating sites among the dating.With the new age requirements for missions I feel that the age number will decrease for women.The responses to this question were of particular interest to me.In a survey of Church members, singles overwhelmingly provided a few very specific answers, while the married respondents only mentioned those issues a few times, while giving very different responses.With this disconnect is it any surprise that we, as a general church membership, struggle so much to include and help our single adults?It’s easy for those who do not marry young to keep looking for what they think is the “perfect spouse”.

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