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Diners find such menu favorites as steak and potatoes, mac and cheese, burgers and fries, and old fashioned baked pies.

UCM differs from other online universities because of its focus on your success through innovative academic programs.

They are forceful and passionate about their craft.

It is also ideal if you are seeking leadership, research or teaching positions in criminal justice.

Master Program Details Accelerated Bachelor and Master Program Details A Master of Science in Education degree from UCM can advance your career to greater leadership opportunities, knowledge of more effective teaching and assessment strategies, support and feedback from peers, and an increased salary.

Program Details The Master of Arts in Communication degree is a 31-hour program that enhances your professional opportunities where the demand for presentation skills, writing, and research skills, management, and relationship building are vital for success.

Program Details This nationally recognized program is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and abilities for you to enter or advance in a criminal justice occupation.

Program Details This degree program is designed for students who desire to work in management or supervisory positions in industry.

The program provides a balanced curriculum focusing on the human element of the workplace as well as a variety of industrial systems.

Our online instructors are the same professors teaching on campus, so they bring the same high-quality instruction to you on your computer as they bring to the students in their classrooms.

You can even browse for courses by academic department or session dates.

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)Cruise companies have stepped up their offerings to widen appeal to a younger demographic.

There are singles cruises, adults-only cruises, interactive themed cruises, culinary bootcamps and signature event cruises, some with solo cabins, too. They come in all shapes, sizes, and are interested in a myriad of mediums and genres. They make the world a better place by adorning it with their artistic visions.

Check out these great artist support systems and maybe join in the fun by partaking in some classes, shopping and creating.

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