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I did have to change the fuel line but that could have been due to running it on ethanol blended fuel. Their business name seems to be: "Mills International Trading" ABN:45 117 885 828 I've purchased a couple of chainsaws from them in the past... but they appear to do a hell of a lot of shill bidding, don't expect any of their items to sell at low prices ;) Hi CRMExpert, My father bought an AGR Machinery generator.May I suggest you contact AGR Machinery and ask them about it, that's what I did and was happy with their explanation, which I wont divulge on a public forum. He was using it to power up batteries for a rural home, after a few months it died.

" and they go on an on about it being genuine etc and how every one else is selling imitation engines etc..

so as most do i googled the model number of the unit shown "HQ-250" to find more unbiased info about it and it found the Chinese manufacturers website: specifically this model selling under "HQ-250": I-Gasoline-Premium-Pressure-Washer-QH-250.shtml Now if this is the manufacturer and i have no reason to believe it is not.

Is it reasonable to assume that the genuine honda engine is simply a sticker job.

They simply changed the sticker from Yingxiang to Honda. Looking at it they are identical in the way it is made.

To their credit though, they did arrange to have my unit collected, repaired & returned in the space of two weeks.

However, even though some work had been done, as evidenced by the obviously "2nd hand" parts that had been used, the unit still did not operate properly.

Do they care about the odd consumer that has a failure...based on their turnover I doubt it.

In 12 months they have only had 5 people offer them negative feedback in 2124 e Bay sales, each of these people received the following feedback response from Mills Trading...

Finally, they would not cover the repairs under the warranty (which I still had at least one month) because there was no 'authorised repairers' in Victoria, which means I have to pay another 0 to get it freighted to AGR machinery in NSW.

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