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The most striking thing about Mildred and Richard Loving is that they never wanted to be known.They didn’t want to change history or face down racism.

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If anything, I was hoping it would provide even more personal insight into the family.

For while there are interviews with daughter Peggy and some family friends, Richard and Mildred are no longer with us—and one of their two sons has also died.

In 1963, after five years of sneaking back and forth to visit their families, Mildred wrote to Attorney General Robert Kennedy asking for help.

Kennedy referred her to the American Civil Liberties Union, which put two young attorneys on the case.

debuted nationally the same year the Supreme Court handed down the Loving decision.

And while the film pushed boundaries with its subject matter, it revolved around the mere existence of an interracial couple as opposed to their relationship.

Richard, dressed in jeans and a work shirt, has his back to the camera.

His arm rests on Mildred’s hip and the light shines on her face, making it appear angelic—which is perhaps how he was seeing her then.

Even as they changed America, the Lovings were never a household name.

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